Celebrating the Therapeutic
Power of the Creative Process

  • “I left my everyday self behind and was transported into a world of color, line, and texture.”

    A joyous relief for untapped artistic expression

  • “Coping with the mastectomy experience and finding an uplifting and therapeutic release in art”

    Celebrating the joys of self expression and healing

  • “Building hope: a group activity for expressing pent-up emotions and coping with illness”

    A relief from focusing on illness

  • “Through this shared experience I was able to set aside my cancer worries. It gave me a hobby to get lost in and feel good about. It allowed me to be around friends who have fought and are continuing to fight the battle against cancer. It is both rewarding and humbling.”

    Coming together to create and share in the magic of the artistic experience.

OUR MISSION: To bring the therapeutic benefits of art to those touched by cancer and other chronic illnesses


Who We Are

Arts as Healing Foundation is a St. Louis-based non-profit organization that offers cancer patients and their caregivers an opportunity for creative expression… 

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