Celebrating the Therapeutic
Power of the Creative Process

Support Arty’s Travels

Arty, theĀ Arts as Healing AmbassadorĀ will be traveling around the Greater St. Louis area to promote AAHF and to spread the word about the benefits of our program.

You will see him at coffee shops, in parks, at sporting events, in hospitals, at shopping malls, and in art stores, to name a few of the places he will be visiting. At each stop you will have an opportunity to help paint and decorate him until every glorious inch of his figure is covered with beautiful artwork. He will then be a true “masterpiece” and a symbol of how art unites and heals.

You can help support Arty’s travels in a variety of ways:

  • Buy him a cup or coffee and a bagel for only $10.00
  • Chip in for gas money to help him travel from place to place for only $30.00
  • Buy paints to help decorate him for only $40.00
  • Buy him lunch at one of his stops for $25.00
  • Keep him warm by chipping in for a muffler for $28.00
  • Buy him a coat to protect his decorations from the weather for $150.00
  • Contribute any amount to help him along in his travels

Contact us if you would like Arty to visit your business.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, please click the Donate button below:


If you prefer, you may send a check or money order payable to Arts as Healing Foundation. This should be sent to:

Arts as Healing Foundation

737 Villa Place

St. Louis, Missouri 63132